West Midlands Junior Rowing Championships 2019

The PROVISIONAL draw 2019

Coaches – please check your entries very carefully and let the Team Manager know of any errors by 5pm Tuesday 19 February 2019. The final draw will then be published before next weekend.

Division One: DIV 1 WMJRC19 DRAW

Division Two: DIV 2 WMJRC19 DRAW

Division Three: DIV 3 WMJRC19 DRAW




2019 Poster poster wmjrc 2019

2019 Rules and Code of Conduct

NB. There have been some changes following the planning meeting held on 10 January 2019. Please make sure you have read and understood these before making your entries.

rules and codes of conduct wmjrc 2019


All J14-16s aiming to represent the region at JIRR must be available to compete on Saturday 27 April 2019.

DATE: Sunday 3 March 2019

VENUE: Stourport Boat Club

RACE TIMETABLE: see poster poster wmjrc 2019

ENTRIES CLOSE: 12 noon Saturday 16 February 2019 


DATE: Saturday 27 April 2019

NEW VENUE: Peterborough 

RACE TIMETABLE: To be confirmed.



2018 POSTS

Congratulations to all our competitors at JIRR 2018 – your competitiveness put the West Midlands THIRD overall in the Victores Ludorum, one of our best ever results and up from fifth place in 2017. Results for all the clubs and schools which took part are here: JIRR 2018 – West Midlands Results


J16 small boats (and time for J14 4x+)

J16 2x WJ162x J14 quad Race-off results 24 March 2018

J16 1x WJ16 1xRace-off results 24 March 2018

J15 small boats

J15 2x WJ15 2x Race-off results 24 March 2018

J15 WJ15 1x Race-off results 24 March 2018

J14 small boats

J14 WJ14 2x Race-off results 24 March 2018

J14 WJ14 1x Race Off 24 March 2018

JIRR 2018 – West Midlands Selected Team

The team list is here: JIRR 2018 – West Midlands selected team

 @WestMidsRowing is our Twitter handle – follow for latest updates and results.