West Midlands Junior Rowing Championships 2018

SAVE THE DATE: The 2019 West Midlands Junior Championships are scheduled for Sunday 3rd March at Stourport. Further details will be published here. For queries click on the Contact button. In the meantime – enjoy your winter training!

Congratulations to all our competitors at JIRR 2018 – your competitiveness put the West Midlands THIRD overall in the Victores Ludorum, one of our best ever results and up from fifth place in 2017. Results for all the clubs and schools which took part are here: JIRR 2018 – West Midlands Results

It’s been a challenging year in terms of the selection process but the JIRR results indicate that Plan B worked. It has been great to see 12 clubs representing the region. Thank you to all the rowers and coaches who worked so hard to make it happen. Thanks also go to Di Binley of Rock The Boat Clothing who supported us with our exclusive range of West Midlands Junior Squad kit; Abi Terry, for being a complete genius on BROE2 and Excel; and to West Midlands Rowing Council chairman, Chris Anton, whose wise words helped me through some tricky times (especially when we had to go to Plan B). See you all in 2019!

Jane Sullivan

West Midlands Team Manager 2018



J16 small boats (and time for J14 4x+)

J16 2x WJ162x J14 quad Race-off results 24 March 2018

J16 1x WJ16 1xRace-off results 24 March 2018

J15 small boats

J15 2x WJ15 2x Race-off results 24 March 2018

J15 WJ15 1x Race-off results 24 March 2018

J14 small boats

J14 WJ14 2x Race-off results 24 March 2018

J14 WJ14 1x Race Off 24 March 2018

JIRR 2018 – West Midlands Selected Team

The team list is here: JIRR 2018 – West Midlands selected team

Don’t forget that those selected (and their coaches) are entitled to purchase EXCLUSIVE West Midlands Junior Squad kit from Rock The Boat. A list of selected athletes will be passed to Rock The Boat and only those on the list will be permitted to purchase – as we said it is exclusive! We earn a percentage of sales which helps to keep the cost of running the Championships down!

Exclusive West Midlands Junior Squad kit from Rock The Boat

If you have been selected to race at JIRR for the West Midlands team you (and your coaches) are eligible to purchase West Midlands Junior Squad kit from Rock the Boat. Details here: West Mids Juniors 2018 Exclusive Kit

Please note that only rowers who are listed on the team sheet will be able to buy this exclusive JIRR team kit.


Competitors NOTES WM Race-off 2018

Directions for parking

Course outline

Boating AND Marshalling 

Welfare policy WM Race-off 2018

Water Safety Plan WM Race-off 2018

JIRR Team Selection: Plan B

The following selection procedure will apply to the selection of the West Midlands Team: PLAN B JIRR selection


The event poster is below. Any queries please email westmidlandsrowing@gmail.com



Junior Inter-regional Regatta: Saturday 21 April 2018, Nottingham

 @WestMidsRowing is our Twitter handle – follow for latest updates and results.




The confirmed results are here: WMJRC 2017 Final results

The crews selected for the Junior Inter-regional Championships are listed on this document (in brackets are the crew numbers from WMJRC)

JIRR West Mids Selected Team